Mid March, work in progress

In progress 18 x 24 panel, March 2013
In progress, Acrylic paint on an 18 x 24 panel, March 2013

It’s been an interesting week. It seems that with each success I have I also encounter another challenge.  It’s part of being mostly self-taught, learning as I go. This week included a reminder that I don’t really know how to paint, which is probably not the best thing for an ‘artist’ to announce to the world. But there you have it, in pixels.

To be fair, I have used paint before so I do know a little about it. But the idea that transferring from markers to paint would be easy was quickly put to rest.

A painter I know once told me my work lacked ‘painterly technique’. Thanks Joe! But, Ego aside, he had a point. I’ve taken to calling it “the technique of no technique” and I’m pushing to see how it grows. Plus, it sounds so Zen.

Finally, I’ll report that my attempt at making a second stencil with the laser cutter didn’t go so well, resulting in 2 ruined pieces of material. Chipboard is cheap, thankfully, but I sure hope it was just a case of ‘operator error’ and easily resolved next time around.