A recent sketch using a compass

I got a new compass set and wanted to try it out so I got some good drawing board and started at it. Circles within circles in three sizes, which got really complex and challenging to keep lined up.  I used a pen adapter to darken some circles and darkened some other lines by hand. In the end I’d come up with this design that I think is really cool.  I’ll probably clean it up and add color, but I think I’ll also make copies in black and white for people who like coloring.

It is interesting that when viewed vertically it has a distinctly different ‘feel’.  These two views are a connection to ideas of polarity, yin & yang, active / passive, projecting / receiving.

Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Horizontal
Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Horizontal © Andrew Kersting


Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Vertical
Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Vertical © Andrew Kersting