Overlapping circles with radiuses of 2, 1, and 1/2

What an amazing thing.  Circles with that particular relationship of radius naturally create this most incredible pattern. In concept this pattern continues infinitely in both breadth and scale. Begin with circles with a radius of 1. They naturally overlap to produce a pattern known as “The Flower of Life”.  Overlay circles with a radius of 1 doubled and then again with a radius of 1 halved and you have a pattern that Charles Gilchrist calls the “Glyphmaker”. This halving and doubling could be repeated without end producing ever larger and smaller variations. Go ahead and click it to see a bigger version and just look at it for a while.

Overlapping circles of three related radiuses
Overlapping circles with radiuses of 2, 1, and 1/2.

Earth in balance – an image from the archives

Came across this image today going through old digital sketches, it is an upgrade I did in 2007 of an image I first painted in about 1992 on a wooden disc about 5 inches wide.  The Earth in my first painted version was very crude, but thanks NASA I could integrate this great image in it’s place.  A wish of harmonic influence for mother Earth and everyone that’s along for her ride.

Earth in balance image
“Earth in balance” is a digital re-creation I did in 2007 of an image I first painted in about 1992. © Andrew Kersting

A recent sketch using a compass

I got a new compass set and wanted to try it out so I got some good drawing board and started at it. Circles within circles in three sizes, which got really complex and challenging to keep lined up.  I used a pen adapter to darken some circles and darkened some other lines by hand. In the end I’d come up with this design that I think is really cool.  I’ll probably clean it up and add color, but I think I’ll also make copies in black and white for people who like coloring.

It is interesting that when viewed vertically it has a distinctly different ‘feel’.  These two views are a connection to ideas of polarity, yin & yang, active / passive, projecting / receiving.

Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Horizontal
Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Horizontal © Andrew Kersting


Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Vertical
Compass Sketch 2017-05-21 Vertical © Andrew Kersting

Complex Rhythm

My latest painting, “Complex Rhythm”, is now on display at the ARTiculate show at Gallerie M (in the Intercontinental Hotel, downtown Milwaukee).  I just added it to my gallery page and I want to show it here too:

“Complex Rhythm” 10″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas Copyright © 2016 Andrew Kersting

In this painting I have shifted the focus from the center of a circle to the area of intersection between two circles.  In sacred geometry this area of intersection is called a Vesica (or Vesica Piscus), and it’s an extremely important figure as it is a kind of portal through which all the more complex geometry flows. It is a symbol of the intersection of inner and outer experience, and is connected to the symbol of the Fish, used to represent Christ in Christianity.

Two recent paintings

I want to show two recent paintings I did on watercolor paper. They are both acrylic paint and 8 inches square.  They both show the same pattern with a slight variation in orientation and a major variation in color.

The first one I finished was this blue one:

I used tiny white dots in a way I’ve never done before and I love the effect. It gives the whole painting a softer, more ethereal look and also seems a bit loose and playful.  There is also a certain indigenous or tribal quality to it.

The second one is warm reddish orange and yellow. I used tiny dots in this one too along with some loose line and edge work that was a lot of fun to put in.

All in all I’m really happy with how they both turned out, now they need to be mounted in some way so they can be hung.