Art On and About Paper, Sept.6 – Oct. 26 2017

EmergenceThe Wisconsin Visual Artists show “Art On and About Paper” is currently on exhibit at the UW Parkside Fine Art Gallery and I’m very pleased that my painting “Emergence” was chosen to be included.

I’ll be at the opening reception Thursday night and am looking forward to meeting the other artists and seeing all the other Art On and About Paper.

Art On and About Paper
UW Parkside Fine Art Gallery
September 6 – October 26

Opening reception:
Thursday, September 14, 5 – 7pm

Regular gallery hours:
Tues – Fri  9am – 4pm

More information about location and parking can be found at the UW Parkside Gallery website.  Scroll down toward the bottom for details.

Emergence, and learning as I go.

"Emergence" painting with staple marks
“Emergence” painting with staple marks, needs to be trimmed

“Emergence” is the name of this painting I did almost two years ago.  I don’t say finished because I’ve learned that there’s a big difference between ‘done being painted’ and ‘ready to hang’. And “Emergence” isn’t ready to hang. It’s been leaning in a closet, still stapled to the drawing board I used when I painted it.

It was a mistake to staple it, and even more so to paint over the staples and varnish it all. Because in order to get it ‘ready to hang’ I had to take it off the drawing board and take the staples out, which left little white tears around the entire painted border.

"Emergence" painting, ready for first cut
“Emergence” painting, ready for first cut

The solution was to trim 1/2 inch from each edge. This painting was a particular challenge for me and the idea of slicing it up with a utility knife was a totally unnerving but it had to be done.  Yesterday I carefully marked the cut lines on the back and today I set up my table to cut it. I put down some cardboard and made sure I had a new blade in my knife. Then I clamped a big heavy ruler down and cut those edges right off.

"Emergence" painting, one edge trimmed
“Emergence” painting, one edge trimmed

I had to turn it around, clamp and cut it a few times but this method worked pretty well and I was able to do it with nice clean cuts and straight edges. I had been concerned that I might damage it during the process but thankfully it seems to have made it through unscathed and is now ready to be framed and made ready to hang.  It’s a good thing too, because this painting has been selected for display in an upcoming show called On and About Paper at the UW Parkside Fine Arts Gallery September 6 – October 26 with an opening reception Thursday, September 14 from 5-7 pm.

"Emergence" painting, four edges trimmed
“Emergence” painting, four edges trimmed

It will be really great to finally have this piece ‘finished’ and I’m very excited to know that it will be on display to the public soon!



BVGN at the Magnet Factory

Tonight’s the night! Bay View Gallery Night and Jazzfest. I’ll be showing my paintings at the Magnet Factory with the Bay View Arts Guild. Should be a great time with live music and dancing.

Magnet Factory BVGN 2017
Bay View Gallery Night at the Magnet Factory 2017

15 selected artists from the Bay View Arts Guild (BVAG) will be displaying their expertly crafts wares for sale. You will find paintings, photos, mixed media, metal, neon, jewelry, cards and upcycled furniture. Don’t miss this amazing 7000 sq ft industrial warehouse space and some of the coolest art in the city.

5 – 6+pm Latin Jazz by RUMBRAVA, featuring Mrs. Fun & Luis Diaz.

Join us for Art, Music, Dancing and Refreshments!

The Magnet Factory
2424 S. Graham

Participating Artists:
Mike Brylow – upcycled furniture (host)
Anita Burgermeister – digital & mixed media (co-organizer)
Brian Breider – sculpture and functional pottery
Jessica Browning – mixed media steampunk
Robert Burns – urban photos
Burt Gross – paintings and illustration
Marj Inmann – electric eye neon
Sabrina Jan – mixed media paintings
Andrew Kersting – geometric paintings
Kent Knapp – Milwaukee Blacksmith
Kraco Photography – nature, architecture & kitsch
The Skrauss – far out cartoons and more
MalVy Westbrook – out of this world paintings

2017 South Shore Frolics Festival of Arts

I’ve been accepted to show my paintings at the South Shore Frolics Festival of Arts in July. It will be my first art festival display, and I have just over two months to complete preparations.  I’m also getting ready for the “Art at the Magnet Factory” show during Bay View Gallery Night / Jazz Fest which is 3 weeks away. Suddenly it feels like there’s a lot going on. I may be under equipped and barely prepared but I’m still excited to be putting my paintings on display before the eyes of so many people.

2017 South Shore Frolics Festival of Arts. Sunday, July 16, 10-4 pm

2017 South Shore Frolics Festival of Arts. Sunday, July 16 10-4 pm
2017 South Shore Frolics Festival of Arts. Sunday, July 16 10-4 pm